The submited Apps to the Second Cycle for Best m-Government Service Award


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Mishwar is a mobile application that will guide citizens on any service they want to apply for in the Ministry of Labour. Also it will show the client a workflow of the service chosen. Moreover, it will help them to be 100% sure if they are eligible to apply for this service or not. The objectives of this application are several. a) To enhance customer satisfaction with the ministry service. b) To reduce the amount of time required associated with the current transactional processes. c) To increase productivity for the entity, and enhance the operational efficiency of the Ministry of Labor. d) To reduce the amount of fines for each client. e) To contribute towards a green and eco-friendly ecosystem through paper use reduction.

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National Service

The National Service app is an innovative application that allows young UAE nationals to register and follow up on their applications for the national service. The process begins when the applicant downloads the app, and creates an account. The app will help users register with the national service effectively and efficiently. The easy to use tool will save time by eliminating the need of going to the registration camps and waiting in queues. The app will reduce the National Service Unit’s registration effort by shifting the work of entering data to the registrant. The app also gives the registrant the ability to update their registration data. Applicants can use the app to access social networks connected to national service allowing users to request more information regarding the national service. A GPS feature is available to assist user in locating the the closest camp. The app will encourage those who are not able to go to national service camps to register thus avoiding fines associated with late. In short, the app makes registration faster and easier, reduces National Service Unit registration effort and make reading and reviewing the data easier by the agencies responsible to the national service.

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MAKANI app provides users with the availability of parking spaces and gives them the possibility of booking these places in advance and online. The app aims at solving parking issues and thus, reducing traffic congestion. It would help the government and transport authorities in the UAE implement a more accurate and efficient system to manage parking spaces. It also aims to reduce congestion and optimize parking spaces by directing drivers to areas that have more free parking spaces and are closed to the users’ destinations. Finally, the app minimizes the time required to find a free parking space and reduces the reduced CO2 emission, which makes the application an eco-friendly alternative.

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The goal of the application is to help blood donors and hospitals to coordinate the blood donation in case of urgent need of blood, e.g. car accidents and other emergencies. It puts the power to save lives in the palm of the user's hand. Based on the donors' geo-localisations, the app will find blood donors quickly and easily; especially in the emergencies cases where the app will send an emergency donation message to the donors who are nearest to the hospital.

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